SUSA ACADEMY TRAVEL PROGRAMS: Skills Unlimited Soccer Academy train teams of all levels and abilities, from beginners to premier level players. If you are interested in having a SUSA staff involve with your travel team or taking your team to the next level, please contact us for a demo session. A SUSA staff will train your team on a weekly basis and attend games in order to monitor a successful development and progression of each player individually and the team as a whole.


SUSA offers different types of training packages suitable to all ages and levels. Cost can be broken down seasonally or annually.

Seasonal Packages:

SUSA provides seasonal training packages for travel teams to pick from. These packages include: the Classic SUSA Package, The bronze SUSA Package, The silver SUSA package, the Golden SUSA package and Ultimate Premier SUSA Package. Please choose the one that best fits the needs and availability of your team:

1. THE ELITE SUSA PACKAGE: This new monthly base tuition package is the REAL DEAL. It’s a combination of the golden and ultimate premier packages which will give any team a priority of having a SUSA staff member as TRAINER/COACH all year round. Monthly payments are made for 11 months and the team gets one month off. The team will use The Academy program for off season training, WINTER AND SUMMER, and training will be with a group of players with equal or better soccer abilities. Teams opting for this package attend a minimum of 6 tournaments a year. Tournaments, travel expenses and hotel fees are NOT included in the monthly payment. For cost proposal call or email Moussa at 631-592-8771 or susa1021@optonline.net

The Ultimate Premier SUSA Package : This package is designed for very dedicated teams, premier level teams or teams aspiring to play at the highest level possible of youth soccer. The team will train a minimum of twice a week for full season, Fall or Spring season, off season training will be the academy program at a discounted cost. The trainer will be at every game home and away including cup games. The fee is all inclusive of training and coaching for the season(ONLY ONE LEAGUE PER SEASON, any additional league or games will be at separate cost), but excludes out of state expenses, hotel fees and airfare etc. The trainer will travel with the team to out of state tournaments at a separate cost to the team. The trainer will attend two(2) local tournaments free of charge. The Academy will suggest top level tournaments for the team to attend. Contact us for cost or proposal.

The Golden Seasonal Package : The team gets Full season training twice a week,  plus one game a week; 9 games (season games and cup games combined), once a week for 12 weeks, off season training will be the academy program. This package does not include tournament fees. Tournament rates are per diem. Contact us for cost or proposal.

The Silver Seasonal Package : The team gets 20 training sessions a season, plus 5 games(league and cup games combined) Fall or Spring season; once a week for 10 weeks, off season training will be the academy program . This package does not include tournaments. Contact us for cost or proposal.

The Bronze Seasonal Package : The team gets 10 practice sessions once a week and 3 games (league and cup games combined). This package does not include fees. Tournament rates are per diem. Contact us for cost or proposal


Where do training sessions take place ?

Team training is scheduled at your club’s fields.

How many weeks of training does my team have to book?

During the fall or spring season teams book a minimum of 10 weeks.

How many sessions per week does my team have to book?

Your team has to book a minimum of one session per week. Please refere to our training packages for more details.

Is SUSA trainer available for game day coaching?

Yes, SUSA tarainer can attend several games, depending on the contents of your team training package. A minimum of three games is required for all the training packages.

Is the Soccer SUSA trainer available for tournaments?

Yes, you can book our trainer to come to your team’s tournament at separate cost. 

Is SUSA trainer available to do pre-season summer camps or winter training?

Yes,  and this is booked separately from the fall/spring training. Unless stated otherwise in your team training package.

Can my team cancel a training session with a trainer?

yes only with the organization and trainer’s  consents. Any session cancelled by the coach or a team without our consent will not be made up and will be fully paid for. There are no cancellations.

How much does a SUSA trainer cost and how do I book a trainer for my team?

For information on cost and to book a trainer, call SUSA at 631-592- 8771 or email: susa1021@optonline.net



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