College Planning and Recruitment

Hello SUSA Members,

We are excited to share with you that your SUSA membership includes College Planning and Recruitment Services. Our goal at SUSA is to assist players and families with both the recruitment and college selection process.   We understand the process can be overwhelming and confusing, especially in the ever-changing college landscape.  To assist you in this endeavor, we are offering a number of grade-level appropriate workshops and individual college consultation sessions in hopes of making the college and recruiting process less daunting. 

The SUSA College Counseling and Recruitment Program was created to help each student athlete maneuver through the college process and reach their ultimate goal of playing college soccer. Our goal is to help our student athletes find both the best academic and athletic fit.

Academics play a huge role in each of our players’ lives and overall profile. We will assist with the NCAA academic guidelines and information and can also help our players select the courses that will position them best for when it is time to apply to college. College selection criteria covered will include tips for communicating with a college, financial aid, academic fit and support, athletic ability and much more.

The Co-Directors of College Planning have extensive education and experience both within the academic setting and on the field. Their backgrounds provide SUSA member families with an unparalleled service no other club can offer. We hope you find this information useful and we are always here to assist you with any questions you may have.