Individual College Conferences

Individual College Conferences



Attention: Junior Students and Parents

As part of the college services provided to all SUSA players, every junior is invited to schedule a one hour College Consultation. Topics will include selecting a geographic region, cost of attendance, major/career interest, help determine overall “Family Fit”, review of student academics and test scores. Individual consultations for juniors and parents will begin in the early spring of a player’s junior year.

In order to create a list of academically appropriate colleges for each student, it is helpful to have standardized test scores available. It is strongly recommended that students take both the SAT and ACT at least once.

All meetings will be held at SUSA Smithtown. Be sure to bring an unofficial transcript, most recent report card, test scores, list of extracurricular activities, and course schedule to the meeting.

Please contact Kim Hearney at with any additional questions.

If you have specific questions in regards to recruitment or playing soccer at the college level, please contact Tim Hearney at