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Indoor Mania Rules - 23/24

Game Format 

Ref Fees 

Game duration





Slide tackling 


free kicks


red card

Hofstra 8v8, Coleman 7v7

$20 PER GAME PER TEAM.  Please pay the official before the start of your game.

 40 Minutes.  All games will start promptly at the scheduled time.  It is a 40 minute running clock.

All teams should bring 2 sets of uniforms (light and dark).   Home wear light kits and away wear dark kit.

Rosters should be submitted prior to the first game.  Players can play on multiple teams in the league as long as they are of appropriate age.  However, players CANNOT play for more than one team in the same bracket

Abuse towards league officials will not be tolerated.  Any individual acting in an abusive way will be automatically and permanently removed from the league. 

(No throw-ins) Defenders to move back 3 yds for the kick-ins. A team may NOT score directly from a kick-in, the ball must touch a player before entering the goal. 

Teams are allowed no more than two adults on the sideline.

Legal slide tackles are allowed  (Referee’s Discretion)

Similar to Outdoors : Direct and Indirect Kicks. Walls should be a minimum of 5 yards away.

Cautioned player must leave the field, team plays DOWN A PLAYER FOR 2 MINUTES.  As in ice hockey, if the other team scores within those two minutes, the other team may put a player back on the field.  

Team may NOT substitute for the player sent off.  The player sent off must sit out a minimum of one game (next league game).  The suspension may be more based on the severity of the infraction.


Goal kicks

Goalkeeper distribution

Standings criteria 

On the fly - allowed during open play.

Ball must touch a player or the field before crossing the halfway line.

Can throw or punt, but the ball must touch a player or the field before crossing the halfway line.

  • 3 Point for a win

  • 1 Point for a tie

  • 0 Point for a loss

Tie Breakers if tied on Points 

  1. 3 Point for a win

  2. Head to Head (Not applicable in a 3-way tie)

  3. Goals Differential

  4. Goals Against

  5. Goals For

 Facility Guidelines

  1. No pets allowed.

  2. No gum allowed.

  3. Team benches will not be permitted.

  4. Parents must stay behind the netted area

  5. Please be courteous and respectful

The Indoormania youth leagues strive to provide a fun and safe environment for all players. Any Coach or Spectator engaging in any form of abusive behavior will be removed from the premises.  If the behavior persists, the league reserves the right to permanently suspend the person(s) and potentially remove the team from the league.

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