Andrew Braverman To Play at SUNY Plattsburgh


Andrew Braverman of our B99/00 NPL commits to play at SUNY Plattsburgh this Fall!!! #susalife

Andrew Braverman
B99/00 NPL
SUNY Plattsburgh

The best advice I would give to younger SUSA FC players besides working hard to get better, I’d say the most important things to do are to do well in school & make sure that you keep in contact with coaches at the colleges you are interested in, especially in 10th and 11th grade.

SUSA FC helped with the process by pushing our team to be the best it could. Colleges want to see high level teams when they recruit and we were trained like a college level team. We have heard college coaches say that players on our team were “college ready” after seeing us playing. SUSA FC did a great job explaining the recruiting process and guiding kids. There is always information and people there to help and give advice.

The thing I am looking forward to the most is competing at the highest level possible, getting a good education and having fun with my college experience.