Sarah Harvey Commits to Fairmont State University


G99/00 Elite player Sarah Harvey commits to Fairmont State University #susalife

Sarah Havey

G99/00 Elite

Fairmont State University

If I  were to give a piece of advice through my experiences of playing soccer to the younger SUSA players is that the sacrifices that you’re going to have to make to reach your goal is worth it. Over the past 14 years of playing soccer I have made many sacrifices including missing Sweet 16’s, missing hangouts with my friends, but in the end it was totally worth it because now what I once thought could only be a dream has become reality. Also another piece of advice I  would have is, don’t forget to thank your parents, because you’re not the only one on this journey they are right beside you cheering you on. It took me many years to understand the dedication it took not only from me to pursue in the sport but the dedication it took from my parents as well. From the endless drives to practice and tournaments that were anywhere from New Jersey to Florida, they are using their precious time out of their schedule to watch you succeed. I couldn’t have achieved as much as I  did within these past 14 years if it wasn’t for both my dad and mom both putting in as much dedication as I did. The last piece of advice I  would have is make sure youre having fun, don’t play for the approval of others play because YOU want to.

I have yet to come across or even hear a program that has been as helpful as SUSA FC through the recruiting process. The coaches and staff had including many seminars that made the difficult process of finding the perfect college incredibly easy. With the help from SportsRecuits, it made directly contacting college coaches easier which allowed my name to get out in the NCAA environment. Both the seminars and SportsRecruits had calmed my nerves about the recruiting process and I am very thankful to SUSA FC for the hardwork they put in for their players.

What I am looking forward to in my college experience is playing the next level of soccer at Fairmont State University, and scoring my first NCAA goal. Im also looking to further my education in the medical field, specifically becoming a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner.