Private Training

Personalized Skills Development

Private Training

Why Individual Training?


Individual Private Training allows your child to get the personal attention he/she will not get in a team atmosphere.

Trainers maximize the number of touches on the ball. More touches equal quicker improvement.

Trainers evaluate strengths and needs and build a program specifically for your child.

Your Child will build confidence in their ability to succeed at the sport they love.

10 sessions (1hr sessions) – $750 – Billed as 2 equal payments of $375             1st/4th sessions

20 Sessions (1hr sessions) – $1400 – Billed as 4 equal payments of $350           1st/4th/9th/14th sessions


Questions about Private Training?

Call (631) 623-6535  



Small Group Training

Why Small Group Training?

Sessions are designed for players seeking work on their skills, passing, receiving under pressure, tackling, shooting, heading, volleying, finishing, turning and creativity on the ball.

Individual skill development in a small group group setting is most effective when players have the opportunity to receive greater detailed instruction.

Small group sessions are a great way for our coaches/trainers to assess skill development needs and provide specific instruction tailored to each player.

Minimum of 4 sessions are recommended and players should register together with similar needs, skill, athletic level, and dedication to get the most out of the sessions.


Questions about Group Training?

Call Charlie Santos at (631) 623-6535 ext. 4766  or send an email to