Susa Cares helping to make the world a better place…..

Susa Cares is a large part of the Susa soccer academy belief system.We as a company have been very active over the years developing and participating in many worthwhile community and world wide causes. We strongly believe  that our athletes, family members, and coaching staff no matter how small the gesture can make a difference. Susa Cares welcomes and encourages everyone to make the world a better place.

From the very beginning Susa has prided themselves in being proactive in helping in any way we can . Here are just a few of the  many different programs and endeavors SUSA Cares participates in.

Our very own Moussa Sy for the past 17 years has been collecting clothing, toys and athletic gear for needing people in Africa. These deliveries are done every 3 months and are possible due to donation boxes located in all our facilities and the generosity of our facility patrons. In addition we have done team based collections where we ask our players to be involved in doing their own version of collection for this cause as well as their own.

We have alot to be thankful for living in the United States. Susa cares believes that through the sacrifice of our service men and women this life is possible. We  developed a program in 2005 that takes place twice a year called “Cookie baking for the Troops”. This enables us to provide fresh baked goods and care packages from home all done by our players and staff. These service people give up their civilian lives protecting ours they deserve a little comfort  from home whenever possible. Susa thanks  and supports all our military personal and their families for the sacrifices they have made for our freedom.

Respect and empathy are a very big part of our philosophy at Susa. We show respect in all our endeavours whether its spending time with the  elderly, assisting in the welfare of animals or just mentoring younger athletes everything matters!   We encourage our athlete to engage in many of the additional team bonding activities Susa Cares continues to do.

We have many things to be proud of but one of the proudest is the good we do. How can your team help? What will you do? Maybe one of these programs fits…

– Wash kits for the homeless

– Peanut butter and jelly clubs

– Cans for cats fundraiser to fix feral cats

– Adopt a family for the holidays

– Young athlete mentoring

– Senior citizen activity day

– Kicks for cancer events

– Community beatification projects

Now that our Susa family is growing we have an amazing opportunity to help even more. We are always open to any assistance or ideas to help us reach the goal of helping whenever and where ever we can. Susa Cares embodying an empathic attitude within our athletes by fostering a giving nature by setting positive examples. We all can do our part to make the world a better place!

Please visit our SUSA Cares web page regularly for upcoming events and see what our athletes are up to.