Safety Protocols

Cleaning of SUSA facilities is completed each day using disinfectant sprays and foggers. All common areas are cleaned thoroughly throughout the day.

Hand Sanitizer is available in all playing areas and in the lobby.

All equipment is disinfected with a fogger each day, including field turf.

Daily  health questions (if you or your child is feeling sick, has a fever, or has been in contact with anyone who has contracted or been around someone with COVID-19 within the last 14 days) will be asked.  Body temperatures will be  taken with point and shoot thermometers and  are required for all SUSA employees and patrons as per NYS mandate.  

SUSA staff coaches undergo training on all Covid-19 related  protocols and standard operating procedures.. 

Protocols have been implemented for entering and exiting facilities, social distancing, and activity adjustments to provide a safe experience inside SUSA facilities.  Activities include necessary physical distancing.

Parents are encouraged to drop-off and pick-up athletes, so as to avoid crowding and contact. PARENTS WHO CHOOSE TO ENTER SUSA INDOOR FACILITIES ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR PROTECTIVE FACE COVERINGS AT ALL TIMES.

SUSA PLAYERS AND CAMPERS ARE NOT REQUIRED TO WEAR PROTECTIVE MASKS DURING SPORTS ACTIVITIES. However, ALL SUSA staff and campers are required to wear protective masks,  covering their mouths and noses, whenever  social distancing cannot be achieved.