SUSA Academy

1st Annual Columbus Day Tournament

SUSA Health & Safety Guidelines Tournament Play

Before You Get To The SUSA Tournament

-All players,coaches, parents and spectators should be monitoring for symptoms at home and are advised to sanitize their hands prior to arrival at their game; players are responsible for bringing their own hand sanitizer to all SUSA fields.

-Referees are advised to sanitize their hands and any equipment prior to and in between each game; Referees are responsible for bringing their own hand sanitizer to SUSA Fields.

-If you have had any close contact with anyone with confirmed case of COVID-19, you should stay at home

-All Players, Coaches, Parents and Staff must wear masks AT ALL TIMES while on the Premisses, unless they are engaged in game play.

Upon Arrival At The SUSA Tournament

* SUSA reserves the right to remove, suspend a player, coach, spectator, or staff member from the tournament for not adhering to any of the tournament safety guidelines or should they appear sick (e.g coughing, febrile, generally appearing unwell) or for not adhering to these guidelines.

-All Parents & Spectators must wear masks AT ALL TIMES while on the Premisses at the Tournament 

-PLAYERS WILL REMAIN AT A DISTANCE OF AT LEAST 6FT APART AT ALL TIMES unless engaged in game play  or awaiting entry into the game as a substitution.

-SPECTATORS may watch from the sidelines ONLY if wearing a MASK AND maintaining a distance of 6 FEET from other Spectators

-Teams will be on the same side and spectators will remain on the opposite side of the field or any designated part of the field by the tournament staff.

-No pinnies or shared equipment will be permitted during games with the exception of soccer balls.

-Team benches will NOT be provided at the tournament

-Water/ hydration areas will NOT be provided by at the tournament

-All players should have their own water/hydration, which should not be shared with anyone.

-No post-game handshakes will be permitted.


Covid-19 Positive Notification

-Any Player, Coach, Staff member or Spectator who tests positive for COVID-19 or is given the diagnosis of Covid-19 within 7 days of the SUSA tournament or after attending the tournament must notify our tournament director James Kelsh at James@susaacademy.com