Jr. Academy Teams


To register please contact age group Director of Coaching:


GIRLS: Deanna Giordano ---- deanna@susaacademy.com

BOYS: John Burke ---john@susaacademy.com


These teams are comprised of players invited to be on a team by our SUSA staff.  Players must demonstrate a level of commitment to training that exceeds that of the Bright Futures leagues.  The commitment of our players will help the SUSA Coaching Staff ensure that players are developing appropriately within their peer groups and to establish an accurate trajectory toward their initial placement on a more competitive Academy team.   As players exit this phase of the Youth Development Program, they will have developed a strong fundamental skill level, an understanding of our style of play, and the culture at SUSA.

  • Play in local leagues of the highest quality

  • Participate in tournaments throughout the year

  • Train two times per week following an age-appropriate, developmentally sound curriculum that is aimed at developing creative and technically sound players. 

  • Teams are formed according to player skill levels with player development as the priority. 

  • Low player to coach ratios.